TGL Studio

Audio Recording

Satisfied Clients

Tim is a man who does not just want you to record your stuff and just leave. He wants you to get the best out of your experience with him, also the best sound quality possible. He cares more about how it sounds then how much money is going into his pocket. -Andrew Minifie: Vocalist for Mayerthrope

"Tim definately knows what he's talking about and can bring out the best in a person's ability." -Vocalist

"Tim covers both the technical aspect of recording as well as sharing the all important "tricks of the trade". His teachings combine professionalism and knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere." -Recording Student

"I had a great time recording with Tim. I'm crazy pleased with the product and he really knows his stuff. I'll definitely be recording a bunch more music with him in the future."
-Solo Recording Artist

"As I was cleaning out my tapes, I came across an old cassette tape my nephew had made.
Years had passed by and when I found it I started to make some phone calls.
I admit it was not easy at first but by passing on from one person to an another I found Tim.
And he was able to make it to a CD that I am very satisfied with and I will surprise my nephew at Christmas time. Thanks Tim......Now I know where to call when I need future work done and maybe surprise some more people in the future." -R. O'Brien