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"Where do I start?...                    We'll I've always been involved in music in one form or another. From recording vocals with my grandfather while my grandmother played piano until today, there have been many ups and downs. I took years and years of piano lessons and sang in every choir and Christmas pageant until I was a teenager (and even a few more after that!-).

Took up guitar and then settled down on trumpet in Jr High. Played in Montreal, Boston (Berklee) and all over New Brunswick in school band competitions. Throughout high school, recorded trumpet on a couple of albums and played on CBC a couple times in Fredericton. Bass was my second instrument but had alot of fun playing in Sojourn and AlTimTer. Dabbled in recording on a reel-to-reel 4 track and thought I had just discovered the "holy grail". I do recall most of the tracks had alot of arguing and shouting in them! As time went on, one bass lead to another and thus began the hobby of buying and selling music gear. I managed to make a little bit on most every transaction which promoted getting more gear.

Things changed when I met a fellow musician from California. He introduced me to digital recording, things got easier (and more complicated!). He taught me the basics and that got me into a weekly radio production project that went on for years. Over that time, I helped a number of artists get their music down on CD and grew my abilities. Then participated in a few different bands locally and on tour as a musician and produced a couple of thier CD's.

Since then, I've rekindled my interest in piano/keys and pick up the drums. Well, not literally but hey, who doesn't love playing an instrument that you can beat on? Have worked on some gospel projects, rap, rock, metal, karaoke tracks and so on.

Two years ago, I finally made some schedule changes which freed me up to build my own studio and here we are today. Currently, we have a couple artists in the schedule but there's always room for one more!" -Tim 



We are located in Moncton, NB Canada. Half way between a small home studio and a large (and expensive) recording studio.


We have a drum room and 2 isolated buildings apart from the house set on concrete slabs. The smaller of the two is for Mixing and Mastering and the other one is multi-use for band practice, live room and recording (drums). There is wireless internet & a private office available!